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Mon - Fri: 7AM - 7PM

I'm Natachia - AAM Board-Certified & Insured Permanent Cosmetic Technician (PMU Artist)

I am physically trained in three different permanent makeup facilities in New Jersey and Philadelphia, where I honed my skills and gained valuable hands-on experience. However, my thirst for knowledge and passion for the art of permanent cosmetics pushed me to seek further education. I realized that one school was not enough to satisfy my desire to master various techniques and delve into the true depth of the industry.

Driven by my dedication to excellence, I embarked on an advanced training journey and earned my coveted ‘Artist’ logo from Academy S. This prestigious certification not only recognized my expertise but also solidified my commitment to providing exceptional service to my clients.

With my enhanced skills and knowledge, I officially began offering permanent makeup procedures in 2018. Since then, I have been passionately transforming and enhancing the natural beauty of my clients, helping them achieve their desired looks while maintaining the utmost professionalism and safety standards.

My Work