Eyebrow microblading is the art of creating fuller thicker eyebrows through the use of a manual tattooing technique.

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Whether you have over-plucked your eyebrows throughout the years, suffering from conditions like alopecia, or are simply looking to add shape and definition to them, microblading could be the perfect solution for you. The microblading process will allow you to wake up to beautiful-looking brows every day by creating hair-like strokes that mimic the natural look of your eyebrows with the use of a specialized pigment. The process is quick and virtually pain-free. Technicians use numbing cream to make the process more comfortable. During the first 10 days of the healing process, be sure you don’t get your fresh eyebrows wet. You will also want to avoid working out, sweating, and direct sunlight. When you allow your eyebrows to properly heal, you will be extremely happy with your results. Microbladed eyebrows don’t last forever, but you don’t have to worry about them fading into a blue-green color. The pigment that is used is created to fade into a lighter version of the same color. This is a huge advantage of microblading rather than eyebrow tattoos. To ensure the maximum color and life of your microbladed eyebrows, have them touched up around 4 to 6 weeks after the initial appointment. Once you have had them touched up once, you won’t need to have them touched up again for 18 to 24 months (or possibly even longer).