Combo Microblading with Shading


This is a great option for people who want quite a natural look, but still, have a bit more definition at the tail end of the brow.


Combo brows are a combination of two forms of semi-permanent techniques: microblading and powder brows (shading). Microblading hair strokes are placed with a manual tool around the border of the brow to give the brow a natural look. The powder effect is applied to the body of the brow using a permanent makeup device to give the brow its fullness. Combo Brows are great for clients with normal to moderately oily skin. So if your skin is too oily for microblading alone, combo brows might be a viable alternative. For someone with very sparse brows, the shading can give the brow more body, while the hair strokes keep it looking natural. A new set of Combo eyebrows takes two appointments to complete. it needs two visits to ensure that all the strokes are evenly saturated with pigment. The second appointment is called a complimentary touchup and takes place 6 to 8 weeks after the initial appointment after the pigments settled into the skin. In this complimentary touchup, the artist makes any needed adjustments and ensures each hair stroke has an even color. We recommend yearly touchups, after the initial complimentary touchup, to maintain the crispness and freshness of the color. Natural fading occurs from external factors such as exposure to the sun as well as internal factors such as the gradual breakdown of pigments as your body metabolizes them out of your system. Everyone can experience the fading process differently and it really comes down to skin type and lifestyle

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