Use this option for your initial consultation. All new clients are required to be seen in person prior to booking an actual procedure as required by New Jersey State Health Department Regulations.


It is also important in order for me to know how well the pigments will remain on your skin and what measures we will need to take in order to prepare for optimal outcomes. In general, it is best to avoid creams and products with steroids or acne-fighting agents around the microbladed eyebrow area. Products that affect skin texture or thin out skin will diminish results. If all is good, I do a mock draw on your brows for you to get an idea of how your brows look filled in. In the microblading consultation, the mock draw is based on a full measurement of your facial bone structure, brow structure, and the overall look you are aiming for. The measurements and strokes will not be the outcome of a final microblading but just an example of the overall shape. Measuring is extremely important as most people have asymmetrical facial structures. My goal is to get your brows to match but with the understanding that the final product will have to match and uniformly blend with the entire structure of your face – not just the other brow. Please keep this in mind as you receive the microblading service. My goal is to give you a complete and holistic brow look that is bespoke to your face. If you have a lot of stray hairs and I can see a potential shape by threading the hairs then we can thread. From there, I ask that you either go online or stay in the shop to fill out the online forms. These forms are educational to you as the client as it reminds you of what we discussed or did not discuss in the consultation along with pre-care. I highly recommend viewing the info before consulting with me to gain insight into the procedure. The pre-treatment is very important to read through in order for you to be prepared and relaxed on the day of your microblading appointment. In general, avoid caffeine, drug/s, and drug-related products, and avoid having any other cosmetic services done on your face prior to receiving your service. You don’t need to take any time off after this service. Feel free to go straight back to work. However, you will have to follow after-care instructions to preserve your newly microbladed brows. With all of this said and done, it is important to me, as your artist, to feel a confident connection with you as my client during the microblading consultation. If I do not feel confident in providing you with the look you are trying to achieve, I will let you know that I am not the artist for you. Again, thank you so much for considering my artwork fit for your face. I understand how important this is and always want the best outcome for you!