Ombré Brows or Powder Brows


Ombre brows/Powdered Brows, is a semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look.


Ombré eyebrows—also known as ombré powder eyebrows—refer to a semi-permanent method of shading the brow to perfect their shape, fill in sparse areas, and create a gradient effect.

What’s the difference between microblading and ombré brows? Well, while microblading involves hand-carving small lines into the skin to deposit semi-permanent dye and create defined hair-like strokes, the ombré brows technique uses a machine to create pixelated dots that create a powder-like, shaded brow look that starts light at the front of your brows and transitions to being darker at the ends.

Since ombré eyebrows are a newer technique, there is also less vetted information out there about them, whereas there is more you can read up on about microblading to help inform your decision if you’re interested in semi-permanent arches.